ADP Champions

These teams have earned All Dogs Parkour championship titles. Teams are listed in the same order as on the “Teams With Titles” document. Some entries were selected by the handlers. Some were chosen by Jude and are public on YouTube. Some entries were prior to the ADP leash rules being implemented.

Regular Title:  ADP-CH

Elizabeth and Blaise

Kristine and Tessa

Kathy and Wesley

Vanessa and Dudley

Roxy and Glitch

Donna and Angel

Karen and Molly

Kristine and Dean

Kathryn and Watson

Kathryn and Darwin

Marg and Hudson

Carla and Gimme

Rosemary and Lily

Rosemary and Leo

Vanessa and Kirby

Kristine and Bandit

Grand Champion Title:   ADP-GrCH

Elizabeth and Blaise

Kristine and Tessa

Donna and Angel

Marg Gilks and Hudson

Carla Baker and Gimme

Kathryn Kuhlen and Watson

Kathryn Kuhlen and Darwin

Premier Champion Title:  ADP-PrCH    (Who will be the first?)

Premier Grand Champion Title:   ADP-PrGrCH   (Who will be the first?)