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ADP Rules and Guidelines 2020 1-8

ADP Foundation Skills Program 2019 12-13 This is an optional titling program suitable for puppies as well as any other dog new to parkour. No puppy? No newbie dogs? Skip right over this and move ahead!

ADP – Exercise Descriptions 2019 11-26

ADP Registration Form (download the fillable PDF)

NOTE: For the Registration and Entry Forms, you must download them, save them, THEN fill them out and save them again. If you fill them out online, the filled info disappears like magic when you download them. TIP: keep the saved, filled Entry Form handy on your computer so it is easy to use for future entries. Save one form for each of your dogs.

ADP Entry Form (2020 1-9) (download the fillable PDF)   SEE NOTE IN BLUE ABOVE.

ADP Entries – What Level are We Eligible to Enter  Contributed by Rosemary Elwell

ADP Title Abbreviations  Contributed by Rosemary Elwell.

Summary of Qs Needed for ADP Titles (2020 1–9)  Contributed by Rosemary Elwell.

ADP Summary of Exercise and Sequence Requirements (2020 1-8)  Contributed by Rosemary Elwell.

Summary of Title,  Exercise, and Sequence Requirements Spreadsheet  (2018 8-1)    Contributed by Jennifer Walker

EF Measurement Chart   (2018 October) Contributed by Kristine Hammar.  This document is from “Intro to Parkour Skills, Fun, and Titles”, one of Kristine’s online parkour courses. To contact Kristine about her next parkour course, go to

Measuring Your Dog (photographic diagrams contributed by Amélie Katradouz)