All Dogs Parkour

Welcome! Dog parkour is a fast growing dog sport. The All Dogs Parkour venue is designed to be fun, challenging, and accessible to all dogs.

Teams can work indoors or out, at home, schoolyards, parks, shopping centers, training facilities, and anywhere else there are things with which dogs can interact. It is easy to find locations and environmental features that fit the ADP criteria. ADP offers dozens of exercise choices including options for teams to make up their own exercises.

Whether you go for titles or just want to enjoy doing parkour on your daily walks, please join our All Dogs Parkour MeWe Group (private, secure, no tracking, no spyware, no ads – YAY!) and become part of the growing number of dog parkour enthusiasts. (We also have a group on Fb: All Dogs Parkour Facebook Group )

Get Started (Forms, etc.)


Notice: ADP has three Special Events each year: Theme Titles,  Ladders Titles, and Dozen Titles. These titles are offered in February and August every year. They can all be done at home. There are no location requirements. Download the information docs and feel free to post questions on the MeWe and/or Facebook groups or email

ADP Rules and Guidelines 2024 4-28

Spotting and Supporting Video Playlist – Handlers must know how to spot and support their dogs when required. The playlist starts with a video for the ADP Certified Instructor Program showing steps to learning to spot and support including leash handling skills. The other videos in the playlist show examples of spotting and supporting. Consider what you might do differently to have a better outcome for some situations shown in the videos. Thank you to all the handlers contributing video clips!

ADP Foundation Skills Program 2024 5.30 This is an optional titling program suitable for puppies as well as any dog new to parkour, but all dogs are eligible to earn these titles. Sample entries appear on the Exercise Demos page. No puppy? No newbie dog? Skip right over this and move ahead!

ADP – Exercise Descriptions 2024 3.10

ADP – EF Measurement Chart (Appendix to Exercise Descriptions)

NOTE: For the Registration and Entry Forms, you must download them, save them, THEN fill them out and save them again. If you fill them out online, the filled info disappears like magic when you download them. TIP: keep the saved, filled Entry Form handy on your computer so it is easy to use for future entries. Save one form for each of your dogs.

ADP Registration Form 2023 3.24 (download the fillable PDF) SEE NOTE IN BLUE ABOVE

Note:  Throughout the duration of the Renaissance Performance Sport Trifecta – June 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024, there is no fee for a new ADP Registration Number.  Please send the registration form, but do not make payment if you are requesting a number before August 31, 2024.

ADP Entry Form 2023 3.24 (download the fillable PDF)  SEE NOTE IN BLUE ABOVE.

Three of the ADP Tracks involve sequencing, which is stringing several exercises together in a choreographed sequence. This video, How to Sequence in Dog Parkour – All Dogs Parkour, explains some of the tricks you can use to improve your sequences and make them more fun for your dog. (video contributed by Amélie Delcroix) 

About All Dogs Parkour

Parkour is a fun and fast-growing titling sport for all dogs. Founded in August of 2016, All Dogs Parkour was conceived after Jude Azaren (ADP founder) and her parkour partner Dusty finished their IDPKA championship title. It seemed there was so much more that dogs could do to interact with the environment than was currently offered. ADP offers numerous choices of exercises plus generous accommodations for physically challenged and senior dogs. ADP encourages all dogs to show off their parkour skills while earning titles and building strength, flexibility, balance, and focus.

In the Spring of 2023, ADP was transferred to Kristine Hammar, who carries on the ADP traditions.

Exercise Demos

(The Exercise Descriptions document is on the Get Started page.)


FOUNDATION SKILLS EXERCISESThe Foundation Skills sample videos are qualifying entries. All exercise demo videos are on the ADP YouTube Channel. If you need help with a specific exercise, please contact Jude at or post to the Facebook group. Many thanks to all the ADP demo teams.

Sample Foundation Skills Level 1 entry

Foundation Skills Exercises – Level 1

Sample Foundation Skills Level 2 entry

Foundation Skills Exercises – Level 2, Exercises 1-7

Foundation Skills Exercises – Level 2, Exercises 8-16

Sample Foundation Skills Level 3 entry

Foundation Skills Exercises – Level 3, Exercises 1-8

Foundation Skills Exercises – Level 3, Exercises 9-16

REGULAR, ADVANCED, and SPECIAL DIVISION EXERCISESContact Jude at if you have a specific question on how to perform an exercise or post the question to the ADP Facebook group. All demo videos are on the ADP YouTube Channel. Many thanks to all the ADP demo teams.

ADP 1 – Get On (2 Front Feet)

ADP 2 – Get On (4 Feet)

ADP 3 – Get On (Moving)

ADP 4 – Walk On

ADP 5 – Go Under

ADP 6 – Jump (Clean)

ADP 7 – Jump (Assisted)

ADP 8 – Jump (Broad)

ADP 9 – Go Around

ADP 10 – Between

ADP 11 – Between (Backwards)

ADP 12 – Back Up (Onto an EF)

ADP 13 – Novel Uses

ADP 14 – Get Inside

ADP 15 – Rebounds (45 degrees) See ADP A3 – Rebounds (75 degrees)

ADP 16 – Straddle (Elevated)

ADP 17 – Straddle (Side Pass)

ADP 18 – Split Level (High)

ADP 19 – Split Level (Pivot)

ADP 20 – Platform Turns

ADP 21 – Landscape/Hardscape Patterns

ADP LH1 – Shrub Weaves

ADP LH2 – Tree Weaves

ADP LH3 – Hardscape Weaves

ADP LH4 – Loops

ADP LH5 – Figure 8

ADP LH6 – Jump Sequence (Figure 8)

ADP LH7 – Jump Sequence (3+ Jumps)

ADP LH8 – Jump Sequence (Assisted, 3+ Jumps)

ADP LH9 – Jump Sequence (Serpentine)

ADP 22 – Hill Patterns

ADP H1 – Zig Zags (Vertical)

ADP H2 – Peaks (Horizontal)

ADP H3 – Circles

ADP H4 – Backing

ADP 23 – Trick on a Platform

Advanced Exercises

ADP A1 – Back Up (Onto Vertical EF)

ADP A2 – Back Up (Onto High EF)

ADP A3 – Rebounds (75 degrees)

ADP A4 – Trick on a Platform (Small)

ADP A5 – Split Level (Low)

ADP A6 – Split Level (R/L)

ADP A7 – Split Level (Advanced Pivot)

ADP A8 – Walk On (Backwards)

ADP A9 – Go Around (Distance)

ADP A10 – Get On (Send)

ADP A11 – Novel Uses (Advanced)

ADP A12 – Straddle (Advanced Side Pass)

ADP A13 – Go Under (Long and Low)

ADP A14 – Go Under (Low and Backwards)

ADP A15 – Get Inside (Advanced)

ADP A16 – Distance Figure 8+

ADP A17 – Get On (High)

Special Division Exercises (for Special Division dogs only)

ADP S1 – Parking Lot Patterns

ADP  PL1 –  Speed Changes

ADP PL2 – Figure 8

ADP PL3 – Ups and Downs

ADP PL4 – On Line

ADP PL5 – Parked Dog

ADP PL6 – Ins and Outs

ADP S2 – Hill Repeats

Advanced Special Division Exercises (for Special Division dogs only)

ADP AS1 – Split Level (High) – same as ADP 18 – Split Level (High)

ADP AS2 – Split Level (Pivot) – same as ADP 19 – Split Level (Pivot)

ADP AS3 – Platform Turns – same as ADP 20 – Platform Turns

ADP AS4 – Long Solo Backing

ADP AS5 – Trick on a Platform (Send)

ADP AS6 – Go Under (Low)

ADP AS7 – Go Under (Backwards – Shoulder Height)

ADP AS8 – Distance Figure 8 (2 EFs)

ADP AS9 – Hill Pattern Backing – same as ADP H4

ADP AS10 – Hill Pattern Circles – same as ADP H3

ADP AS11 – SD Backup (Onto High EF)

ADP AS12 – Get On (4 Feet, Narrow)

ADP AS13 – Get Inside (Distance)


Please contact Kristine Hammar at if you have any questions or need assistance with registration or entry.